Alternative(s): 姫じゃなければ殴ってる; Hime janakereba Nagutteru

Author(s): Nagaoka Taichi

Released: 2016

Status: Completed

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11/30/2017 Update
Upon reaching fifteen years of age, the princess of the Kingdom of Akura, by custom, must undertake a baptismal journey. Nanami, a mage, is assigned to accompany the current princess, Princess Miki. Problem is, Miki is a trashy bitch that selfishly and arbitrarily demands that they kneel, which is a big pain. They’d blast her with their magic, but she’s royalty, and furthermore, the inheritor of the sacred power which is of vital importance to the world – so Princess Miki is doubly untouchable. Can Nanami safely finish this stressful journey and finally be released from the princess’ company?!