Shionomiya Ayane wa Machigaenai. Manga

Alternative(s): Ayane SHIONOMIYA never makes an error.; Ayane SHIONOMIYA never makes mistakes.; Ayane SHIONOMIYA nunca comete un error.; 汐ノ宮綾音は間違えない。

Author(s): ASAGIRI Kafka

Status: Ongoing

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Siblings Ayane and Kurumi have unique super natural powers known as "Ghosts," each with their own unique score that designates their powers. Ayane has a score of "7," while Kurumi has a score of "11." Ayane's ability allows her to control shoe laces, while Kurumi can form contracts with objects, which allow her to control it. Ayane feels severely inferior to her sister, but will she be able to prove herself against the other "Ghost" bearers in combat?