1/2 Prince Manga

Alternative(s): 二分之一王子; ½ 王子; ½ Prince; 1/2 王子; 1/2 Hoàng Tử; 1/2 Wang zi; 1|2 Prince; Half Prince; نصف أمير; 1/2 أمير; Kalahating Prinsipe (Filipino); Medio Príncipe (Español); Наполовина Принц (Bulgarian); 1/2 Príncipe (Portuguese); 1/2 Prens (Türkçe); Halv Prins (Danish); En halv Prins (Swedish); 1/2 Książę (Polish); Jumătate Prinţ (Romanian); 1/2 Herceg (Hungarian); Halber Prinz (Deutsch); 1/2 Princo, Pusiau princas (Lithuanian); חצי נסיך (Hebrew)

Author(s): Yu Wo

Released: 2006

Status: Ongoing

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It is the year 2100A.D., humans have developed a virtual reality game. Feng lan, due to a bet with her brother, vows to beat the game without using her "female benefits". Due to this, she becomes the first transvestite of "Second Life".