Elskar Manga

Categories:   Fantasy   Romance   Webtoon   Full Color   Long Strip   Web Comic   Official Colored
Alternative: Elskar ; Promise Jewel ; 엘스카르
Author: Woo na young
Status: Updated
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Elskar Manga Summary
A quiet town, affectionate people. I always thought that was natural. Until that day, the town of Lange, a race that lives for love, with jewels in its heart, is trampled by the attack of the jewelers. In that chaos, Viola is lost and enslaved. The person who appears in front of her is another Lange. Sainte, knowing that she was an ally, was hoping to be rescued, but Sainte had bought Viola as a slave under Noe's command. Viola, who meets the Duke, asks him to return to his village, but the duke tells him the cruel reality of the Lange who were captured by Noe. The Duke comforts Viola for the fact that she no longer has a home and lends her help to start over for all Lange and for herself.