Gift Plus Minus Manga

Alternative(s): ギフト±; 礼物加减式; Gift Plus Minus; Gift+-; Gift±

Author(s): Nagate Yuka

Status: Ongoing

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With the increasing demand for high quality organ transplants in Japan, many clandestine organizations carried out kidnapping and murder operations to obtain organs for sale; surgeons also began to practice. It even began to intervene in countries like China.Our protagonist, Tamaki Suzuhara, a beautiful but mysterious high school girl, tries to find someone very important to her who is currently missing. He joins an illegal network of organ trafficking, which kidnapped those who were judged "human slags" for the extraction of their organs. Together with his partner Takashi.Let's see where to lead this bloody journey and the moral dilemma of Tamaki Suzuhara.Can you find what you want? o Searching for the adolescent prostitution network?