Honnou ~Motto Midaretai Manga

Alternative(s): Honnou - Motto Midaretai; Honnou Motto Midaretai; Instinct - To Get More Sexually Excited; Instinct—Even more disturbing; Junjou Bousou Honey; 本能 ~もっと乱れたい

Author(s): Aikawa Saki,Amane Yuko,Fukami Sakana,Kurumatani Haruko,Shigano Iori,Yuuhi Ryuu

Status: Ongoing

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01/08/2019 Update
1) From What Does This Lesson Lead To by Shigano IoriIt's about the relationship between a teacher and student. How will their love go and end?2) Junjou Bousou Honey by Kurumatani HarukoNot only does Suzuno have to go to high school, she also has to take on the role of dorm manager at a soon-to-be demolished dorm! This dorm is known as "the city of crime,” an place with no order where trouble is always happening. When the leader of the troublemakers Kazuomi, kisses Suzuno, things start to get really chaotic! 3) My Boyfriend is an Alien by Amane YukoA strange aircraft, a handsome alien who needs kisses for energy, a mysterious man in black and a naive schoolgirl. 4) Love Love Dojo by Yuuhi RyuuA student admires a classmate because of his fighting style and joins the karate club to train with him. But her admiration of him is misunderstood, and now they're going out?5) It can't be Love by Aikawa SakiSeto Mizuha accidentally ran her bike into Souma's car. She cannot pay him, so Souma said he'll buy each kiss from Mizuha for 5,000.6) Wild Night Stripper by Fukami Sakana