Prince Edward's Heart Was Stolen Manga

Alternative(s): Tai Zi De Liao Shi Xin Feng; 太子得了失心疯

Author(s): 虎三, 豆豆豆

Status: Ongoing

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11/02/2019 Update
The sick and weak Prince of the Da Qi dynasty was sealed, leaving only his shallow breathing. The prince, Huang Sang’s martial arts teacher Wu Nian opened the altar, in order to use the once weak prince to destroy the beloved son from the palace. However, he did not know before opening the seal of Wu Nian, that he was actually the most tyrannical prince recorded in history. The teacher went on his knee's and begged for Wu Nian's sanity to return. You are still my kind hearted prince! The teacher has made a grave mistake, releasing not the prince, but in his wake, a mad and heartless man.