Royal Romance Manga

Alternative(s): Story in the Forbidden City ; Fei Xi Yan Xue ; 妃夕妍雪 ; Phi Tịch Nghiên Tuyết ; Phi Đãi Nghiên Tuyết

Author(s): Samanhua

Status: Ongoing

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03/02/2020 Update
In the Qing Dynasty, Xiao Liang Zi is an ordinary but exceptionally beautiful and kind girl. She travels to the Capital City to visit her father, a high-ranking noble, for the first time. As soon as she arrives, her jealous half-sister Yu Yan drugs her and sells her to a brothel house, where she is bought by Prince Xiang to carry out his political schemes. Liang Zi is then quickly thrust into the world of dangerous politics, handsome emperors, and jealous queens! What will become of her fate?